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Insurance-covered breast pumps we love 

As a new parent, there are a million things on your plate — and that’s why we’re here to help. We are a network of caring humans who believe that lactation care is a fundamental right. That means we’re here to help all new parents make empowered choices around feeding their babies — and for many, the first choice that they must make is which breast pump to get. And since expectant parents are encouraged to order their pumps through insurance before they deliver, how do you know that you’ve bought the best pump? An IBCLC will help you decide on the best pump for you.

Truth is, there isn’t a one-pump-fits-all solution. It is important to know yourself, your pumping goals, and your lifestyle. To help narrow down your search, we put together a list of some of our favorite breast pumps so you can find your new pumping session companion — and best of all, these can all be covered by health insurance. Read on to learn which pump is the best fit for you. 

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Spectra S1 Hospital Strength Double Electric Breast Pump

Why we love it: It’s super powerful, quiet, and customizable 

Spectra S1 Favorite Breast Pumps


The Spectra S1 is a favorite among breastfeeding parents. It’s perfect for busy people on the go who are looking for a quiet, customized pumping experience. This hospital-grade pump has adjustable suction levels, a massage mode that simulates natural suckling, and includes a night light and timer for all those late-night pumping sessions. With its rechargeable internal battery, the Spectra S1 is there for you when you need to pump — even if you’re not near an outlet (because who can plan everything?).  

Hospital-grade pumps are often very expensive. If your provider thinks you’ll need one, this is one of the best breast pumps you can get through insurance. 

BabyBuddha Portable Breast Pump Kit

Why we love it: It’s small, lightweight, and packs a punch

We love this pump for many reasons, but its most noticeable benefit is its extreme portability (truly, the company brags that it’s smaller than your smartphone). The BabyBuddha Portable Breast Pump Kit is compact enough that you can wear the main unit on a lanyard, but it doesn’t sacrifice its power for size. This kit includes a rechargeable battery, as well as many of the breastfeeding supplies you’ll need to get started nursing comfortably. It’s great for bringing along with you to work, running errands, or while having a night out.

Medela Pump In Style with MaxFlow

Why we love it: It’s reliable, wearable, and easy-to-use 

Favorite Breast Pumps Medela

If you’re new to breastfeeding and looking for an easy-to-use, reliable, portable pump, the Medela Pump InStyle with MaxFlow is the way to go. This pump features two-phase expression and MaxFlow micro-vibrations, which stimulate milk production by mimicking your child’s natural rhythm. A secure seal between flange and collection kits aids in preventing spills. This powerful pump can plug directly into an outlet or run on a battery pack if you need to hit the road.  

ZomeeFit Hands Free

Why we love it: It’s versatile and powerful 

For such a versatile pump, the Zomee Fit Wearable Breast Pump provides a ton of features. This innovative pump has the suction of a hospital grade pump but is quiet enough to wear during calls or under your clothes while on the go. And while the controls on this electric model are simple and streamlined, the device offers three different expression settings (including a preemie mode). The battery has a quick charging option that provides over two hours of pumping time. Cord-free, you can use both at once, or pump one side while you nurse baby. 

Elvie Stride

Why we love it: It’s wearable, silent, and smart-enabled 

Elvie was the first breast pump company in the world to produce a silent, wearable pump, and its thoughtful design made it an instant favorite. The hands-free Elvie Stride breast pump fits inside your bra and is ultra-quiet (yes, quiet enough to use during a virtual meeting or while running errands).  

Another plus: By connecting to the free Elvie pump app, you can monitor your milk volume as you pump, track history for each breast, and remotely operate the pump itself. It also sends an alert to pause expression when the bottle is full. 

We can connect you to breast pumps through our trusted marketplace partners. If you’d like more information on picking the best breast pump for you, we’ll connect you to a TLN IBCLC who will help you choose the right pump for you and your baby. 

Pumped? You’re in the right place.

TLN offers pumps and lactation products tailored to your lifestyle.