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Leaning on our national IBCLC network, we connect you with a certified lactation professional for a 90-minute virtual or in-person visit.

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During your private visit, you receive expert breastfeeding guidance with no out-of-pocket cost to you.

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According to the World Health Organization, infants should be excusively breastfed for the first six months of life to achieve optimal growth, development, and health. We know there is a lot that goes into breastfeeding. From the first latch to your final bottle, we want to make sure your journey is seamless.

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Are you a private practice IBCLC? Find out more about how the Lactation Network can help you grow your lactation practice with fewer cancellations and multiple insurance-covered patient visits.


  • Amazing experience! Visit was scheduled right away. Brandy was the best ❤. She changed the way I was dealing with the whole situation and really raised my confidence in feeding my baby. She was super patient and took the time to explain things and tailor her advice to us. At no point during the consultation did I feel rushed, which was really important to me. We came up with a plan that I am very comfortable with and I couldn't ask for a better experience than what I had
    - Sindhu M.
  • I used the Lactation Network to book a consultation with my IBCLC and have it covered by my insurance! This is my second baby and I didn’t have the support I needed to successfully breastfeed my 1st. This has made a world of a difference and I’m now successfully breastfeeding my second! Thank you to the Lactation Network for making it so easy!
    - Ashton C.
  • The Lactation Network helped me to get approved by my insurance quickly and also connected me with an excellent lactation consultant in my area. The service was top notch! Very thankful!
    - Amy S.
  • Lactation Network made it so easy to get a lactation consultation at no cost! I just had my first baby and figuring out breastfeeding has been quite challenging, so I’m very grateful to have the support that Lactation Network offers.
    - Elizabeth H.
  • What a blessing this company is! I will happily spread the word! They were able to work with my insurance directly; I didn't have to do anything! And I can chat with my LC virtually or texting! So happy, thank you!!
    - Kati R.
  • My experience was wonderful! It was so easy and super quick to verify my insurance. My baby is 6 months old and we’ve had a rocky [breastfeeding] experience. It was so helpful to have an expert give us advice. It gave me the confidence to continue our [breastfeeding] journey! I have already recommended to friends and others on social media.
    - Kelsey H.
  • Very easy to use and got super fast responses from the preauthorization and the provider. Would 100% recommend using. It’s awesome that they do the legwork with your insurance! So happy I found this site.
    - Taya H.
  • The Lactation Network has been so helpful in my breastfeeding journey. They helped get me set up with an at-home consultation that was more valuable than any book, article, forum or tips/tricks from people I already knew. Do not wait, use this platform and get an at-home consultation. Your life will be changed!
    - Jessica M.