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Author: TLN

Save Money When You Get Your Breast Pump Through Insurance

Here’s why you shouldn’t pay out of pocket for a breast pump—and what you can buy instead!

With childcare expenses rising every year, most families could use a little extra in the bank wherever they can get it. So why spend money on a breast pump when you don’t have to? Get your breast pump through insurance using The Lactation Network instead of paying for it out of pocket. Not only are you taking advantage of the Affordable Care Act, but you’ll also have some additional cost savings in your back pocket to spend needed (and some fun) things for you or your little one. 

Here’s a breakdown of the baby gear, educational materials, mani-pedis and more that you can purchase with the savings from an insurance-covered breast pump.

Extra Diapers

Your average baby uses almost 3,000 diapers per year! Plus, if your baby has sensitive skin, allergies or other health issues, you may need to use higher-quality and sometimes more expensive diaper brands to keep them as happy and healthy as can be. By saving money on a breast pump like the Spectra S1PLUS Deluxe, which can cost up to $200 at the retail price, you give yourself a little wiggle room to grab those emergency Huggies® without worrying about your wallet.

Baby Clothes

Have you ever seen the absolute cutest baby one-piece at the store, fallen in love and then gasped when you checked the price? We know we have! Sometimes, the most adorable baby clothes are the ones we simply can’t afford to splurge on. But if you save $200 to $300 on your Medela Pump in Style Advanced Starter Set by getting it through The Lactation Network instead, you can afford to buy more than one set of cute baby clothes—then take the chance to share take some photos as soon as you get baby into them so you can remember all their sweet outfits later.

Deluxe Baby Gear

Luxuries can be necessities too. If having a deluxe stroller will make your life a little easier, use the extra funds you’ve saved form ordering a breast pump through insurance to get one for you. While motherhood isn’t always a walk in the park, a great stroller will make actually walking in the park and getting around much easier. Use your savings from getting an insurance-covered Ameda Mya breast pump through The Lactation Network to afford the quality baby gear you need. 

Parenting and Baby Books

Let’s not forget about you, mom! The list of our ten favorite books for new moms features great pregnancy, parenting and breastfeeding books to help you along the journey of motherhood—plus, they’re great for picking up and reading while you’re pumping. We’re sure you’ll want to splurge on some books for baby too. It’s never too early to start storytime with high contrast newborn books, picture books and nursery rhymes that will keep your little one entertained. If you get your breast pump through insurance, you can save anywhere from $100 to $400 to spend on the little things that will help make motherhood fun and just a bit easier. 

Self-Care Treatments

As a mother, you definitely have to prioritize self-care. When you need time to rest, relax and recharge, you should have the time and the money to make that happen whichever way feels best for you. For some moms, this means weekly mani-pedis. For others, it’s the chance to sit back in the bathtub with a glass of wine. By saving money on a breast pump, you can get three mani-pedis, buy a few really nice bottles of wine or get 20 bath bombs from Lush. Don’t be afraid to shop for yourself!

Getting your breast pump through insurance saves you money that we’re sure you could use for baby essentials or extravagances. There’s no better argument for getting your breast pump through insurance rather than paying for it through a retailer. If you are an expecting mom or know of one who could seriously benefit from a little extra cash in her savings account, find out more about the insurance-covered breast pump process and order yours through us today!