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Save money when you get your breast pump through insurance 

With childcare expenses rising every year, most families could use a little extra in the bank wherever they can get it. And some of the expenses associated with having a new child can feel daunting. Many must-haves — like strollers, car seats, and breast pumps — can be hundreds of dollars. In fact, the average cost of a breast pump runs anywhere from $150 to $500 — and can be even higher than that. New parents may feel completely unsure of which items are the best, or what will suit their family’s individual needs as they welcome their new baby. 

What families may not realize, though, is that they don’t actually have to spend money on a breast pump. Expectant parents can order their breast pump through insurance via The Lactation Network instead of paying for it out of pocket. 

How do I know if I qualify for a free pump?

Everyone’s health insurance coverage is different, but in general, any expectant parent can qualify for a brand-new pump once per pregnancy. You don’t have to wait until delivery, either. Many parents order their pumps at around 30 weeks, but this benefit can be activated through the first year.

What kind of pump can I get? 

You might also be pleased to know that your pump selection isn’t limited to just a few “free” choices. There’s a wide range of amazing insurance-covered breast pumps, including hands-free pumps, electric pumps, extra-quiet ones, and more. You’ll be able to choose from any of the available options — your insurance company won’t just “send” you whatever they have in stock. And if your doctor recommends a hospital-grade pump, that can be covered under insurance too. 

If you’re wondering what these pumps look like, you may be able to check them out in-person at a medical supply or baby goods retailer before you order.  

Not only are you taking advantage of the Affordable Care Act, but you’ll also have some additional cost savings in your back pocket to spend on some needed (and some fun) things for you or your little one.  

Here’s some ideas for what you may want to splurge on with the savings from an insurance-covered breast pump: 

Extra diapers 

Your average baby uses almost 3,000 diapers per year! Plus, if your baby has sensitive skin, allergies, or other health issues, you may need to use higher-quality (and sometimes more expensive) organic or cloth diapers to keep them happy and healthy. By saving money on a breast pump like the Spectra S1PLUS Deluxe, which can cost up to $200 at the retail price, you give yourself a little wiggle room in the diaper budget. 

Baby clothes

Have you ever seen the absolute cutest baby onesie at the store, fallen in love and then gasped when you checked the price? If that perfect first-photo outfit is one that you simply can’t afford to splurge on, you might feel justified after saving $200 to $300 on your Medela Pump in Style Advanced Starter Set by getting it through The Lactation Network instead. Make sure you take lots of pictures so you can remember all their sweet outfits later. 

Deluxe baby gear

Luxuries can be necessities too. If having a deluxe stroller will make your life a little easier, use the extra funds you’ve saved from ordering a breast pump through insurance to get one for you. Try a stroller that converts into a car seat, a stylish diaper bag (that doesn’t look like a diaper bag), or a crib that will grow along with your baby.  

A rainy day fund

It’s truly never too early to start saving for your child’s financial future. You may not have the money to fully fund a college education right away — but just as your child grows day-by-day, small deposits into your savings account will add up. Consider kickstarting your baby’s nest egg with the $200 – $400 that you would have otherwise spent on a pump. 

Getting your breast pump through insurance saves you money that could go to baby essentials, splurges, or even additional breast-feeding supplies. And in addition to the pumps that your insurance covers, there are other resources available to help you in your breastfeeding journey. You might also qualify for a consultation with an IBCLC rather than paying for it out of pocket. If you are an expecting parent — or know of one who could benefit from a little extra cash in their savings account — reach out for help. You can find out more about the insurance-covered breast pump process, order yours through us, and even schedule a consultation with a lactation care professional

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