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The Lactation Network and the Insurance-Covered Breast Pump Process

We’re breaking down our process for securing your insurance-covered breast pump (spoiler alert: it’s super easy!)

The Lactation Network is here to help new moms like you. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, your insurance plan must provide coverage for breastfeeding support and equipment. If you live in the U.S. and have health insurance, you are entitled to a free or low-cost breast pump for each pregnancy. So how does the process of securing an insurance-covered breast pump work?

How to secure your insurance-covered breast pump with The Lactation Network

At The Lactation Network, we work hard to make this process totally seamless for you. We are a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider, which means we provide public access to medical equipment and devices for in-home use. As real moms ourselves, we know you have a lot on your plate, so we make initiating the process of getting a pump super straightforward. You simply choose which breast pump you want, and we take it from there.

Not sure which breast pump is right for you? Take a quick quiz on our site to help you narrow in on the breast pump that best fits your lifestyle and needs. You can also send us an email or give us a call to talk through the different pumps and get some real-mom insights.

Our new checkout process makes securing your pump as easy as any “add to cart” online shopping experience. Simply select your state and your health insurance from the drop-down menu. We will show you the pumps that are included in your plan at no cost, as well as any pumps available for an upgrade fee. Click on a specific pump to read more details and then add the pump you want to your cart. If you choose a pump with an upgrade fee, no payment is collected until we confirm all the details with your insurance company.

Then our team takes over! We contact your insurance company and your physician to confirm coverage so you don’t have to deal with multiple phone calls, prescriptions and forms. Once we confirm your pump is covered, we send you an email or text to let you know and payment details (if you want a pump that requires an upgrade fee). Then we deliver your breast pump to your doorstep, typically just a couple of days later. For your package, we’ll just need to make sure someone is home to sign for your package. 

Many insurance plans also cover replacement parts and other supplies. When you’re eligible for new parts (usually three months and/or six months postpartum), we’ll reach out with a quick text or email. All you have to do is confirm which of the replacement supplies you’d like and we’ll do all the work to deliver them to you. Or you can submit an order on our site and we’ll confirm your coverage and get the parts to you.

Why getting your pump through insurance (and The Lactation Network!) is the best option

Especially in this age of high insurance premiums and high deductibles, new moms should take advantage of all the benefits of their insurance plans. If you plan to breastfeed and your plan covers a free breast pump, why wouldn’t you get one? For many moms, these medical devices are crucial to breastfeeding success. Breast pumps can be pretty expensive, especially double-electric, wireless or wearable ones. By going through insurance, new moms can save money on out-of-pocket expenses, which is helpful at a time when they’re likely facing healthcare costs from their delivery and doctor visits.

The Lactation Network is unique in the world of DMEs. We combine our expertise as a DME and our experience as moms—which means we understand the nuances of insurance and the realities of motherhood. Unlike other DMEs, we focus exclusively on breast pumps and related supplies, and we offer the widest selection of pumps on the market. By providing descriptions of each pump and real-life, on-demand advice, we work to help you find the best pump for your lifestyle, needs and breastfeeding goals. We also offer additional resources, like our expert network of board-certified lactation consultants.

We’d love to help you get your insurance-covered breast pump and make your breastfeeding journey as smooth as possible. Start by taking our quiz or shopping for your preferred pump. Or get in touch to chat through your options (and get answers to any questions!). We want you to have the best breast pump for you at no cost and with very little effort on your part—so you can focus on the more important stuff of motherhood, like that sweet newborn baby.