Elvie Pump - Breast milk
Author: TLN

Why You’ll Love the Elvie Pump

The insurance-covered Elvie Pump is now offered through The Lactation Network

The revolutionary Elvie Pump is now available through The Lactation Network. A wearable and silent breast pump, the Elvie Pump fits right into your busy mom routine—whether you’re pumping at the office, during a trip to the grocery store or you just want a hands-free option while you get things done around the house. Rest assured that you can pump and help keep your breast milk supply up even when you’re out and about with this streamlined pump.

Here are five things you’ll love about the Elvie Pump:

1. Great for multitasking

This smart breast pump features a hands-free, wearable design that fits comfortably into a nursing bra. Since all the cords and tubes are contained inconspicuously within the pump, it allows you to pump on the go—that means no external cords, tubes or breast milk bags to get in your way. So enjoy the freedom to catch up on laundry, get your nails done or just be the boss-lady you are, all while pumping and keeping your milk supply up.

2. Completely silent

This breast pump is designed to be silent so you can pump with confidence no matter where you are or where you’re going. From the office to the park and even to the airport, the Elvie Pump’s soundless motor keeps your pumping private. This discrete nature is helpful in any instance where silence is golden—like when you just put your little one to sleep.

3. Convenient

The Elvie Pump is available in both double- and single-pump options. Plus, there’s no need to worry about searching for the right battery. The Elvie Pump has a micro-USB-compatible internal battery that charges to full in only two hours, so you can pump as often as you need to without being tethered to an outlet. That way, you can get moving while you pump and get on with your day: cook a meal, go to the gym, play with your baby or visit with family and friends, or whatever you please.

4. Easy to clean

With only five parts to clean, the Elvie Pump helps cut down on cleaning and maintenance time. As a bonus, all pump parts are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe for your convenience. With everything you do to provide quality nutrition for your baby, let the Elvie Pump simplify cleanup. Either clean the washable components by hand with a mild dish liquid or put them in the dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning. Make sure to dry your breast pump parts completely before your next pumping session. With less time spent on cleaning and assembling your pump, you’ll have more time to spend snuggling your little one!

5. Smart design

Sync your pump with the Elvie app on both iOS and Android devices. The app lets you start pumping with the press of a button and choose between the pump’s seven variable suction settings, depending which is most comfortable for you. You can also check your production history and monitor your milk flow in real-time so you know when the bottle is full. Controlling the Elvie Pump with your phone allows for discreet use—though the pump can also be used without it. The responsive pump also switches between stimulation and expression modes automatically so you don’t have to change the setting mid-pump.

You will experience a whole new level of busy as a new mom, so why not make the pumping process easy with a silent and wearable breast pump? Pumping doesn’t have to disrupt your routine, your plans or your career. Order the insurance-covered Elvie Pump today from The Lactation Network and take advantage of the freedom to pump whenever and wherever the day takes you.