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Author: TLN

Real-Mom Baby Registry Must-Haves

Not sure what to add to your baby registry? Here’s the scoop on some surprising items we love!

Motherhood is one of those things in life that you can never fully prepare for. After welcoming our little ones, we discovered some unexpected, often-overlooked items we wish we’d included on our baby registries. To help you out, our team of real moms rounded up a quick list of those baby registry must-haves you won’t want to miss. After all, we know many of our most-used and most-loved baby items were ones that other moms recommended to us!

Refills and back-ups

It’s amazing how quickly you’ll go through your stock of consumable and reusable supplies. These not-as-exciting items are the ones you’ll really use, so go ahead and add them to your registry! Trust us, you’ll be so thankful to have lots of diapers in different sizes, wipes, baby shampoo, body wash, and breast milk storage bags on hand. An extra set of crib sheets, swaddle blankets, burp cloths and bottles will help cut down on the constant washing. 

Mom Tip: You can get your replacement and extra breast pump parts and accessories covered through insurance! 

Sick day supplies

You don’t want to think about it, but there will come a day (or night!) when your baby is feeling under the weather—and you won’t want to drag him or her out to the store for supplies. Register for a rectal thermometer, infant Tylenol®, saline drops, a NoseFrida (the ultimate “snotsucker”), and a humidifier so you’re prepared for those so-not-fun sick days.

Fool-proof basics

OK, it’s fun to add those fancy baby clothes to your list, but here are two reasons to skip it: people will buy you plenty of special outfits even if you don’t register for them (they can’t resist!) and babies are messy. So, what should you consider including instead? Easy-peasy one-piece sleepers. Snaps are fine, but ones with zippers or magnetic closures make all those diaper changes a breeze!

Diaper duty

Speaking of diaper changes, we discovered some items that make that task quicker, easier and cleaner. Our top four must-haves in this category: a set of changing pad liners so you don’t have to strip off the entire cover after messy changes; an OXO wipe dispenser so you can grab a single wipe one-handed and not have to shake and wrestle with the entire pouch; a separate changing station for downstairs; and some diaper cream or nipple cream (it works double duty!). We’ll give honorable mentions to a diaper cream spreader and a wipe warmer—though moms seem to be strongly divided on these two items (can’t-live-without or totally unnecessary?).

On-the-go baby registry must-haves

Once you and your baby are ready to be out and about, a few must-have pieces will make those trips and travels go more smoothly. A car seat cover keeps your baby warm, dry, shaded and bug- and germ-free, whether you’re strolling through the park or the store. We also love an easy snap-and-go stroller frame for popping the infant car seat in and out during errands. Don’t forget those first flights: an infant wrap or carrier, and a backpack car seat travel bag or cart will help you get through the airport with ease.

Items for 6–12 months

It can be tough to think beyond the first few months when determining your baby registry must-haves, but there are several things you’ll need in the latter half of your little one’s first year. Why not add them to your list now? We wish we’d included feeding items like bibs, bowls, spoons and straw cups; teething supplies like bandana bibs, mesh feeders, teething rings and a baby toothbrush; and toys for that older age range, like a small activity table or push walker. Register for a convertible or 3-in-1 car seat too—with one caveat: if you want to use the seat for future kids, consider buying it later so you can maximize the time before the seat expiration date.

While you probably already have some breastfeeding items on your registry, one thing you won’t need to register for is a breast pump! Get your insurance-covered breast pump through The Lactation Network at no cost to you. It’s a super-easy process because we do all the legwork and deliver the pump directly to your door. Our team is here for you!