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Author: TLN

New Year’s Resolutions for Lactating Parents

For some people, January means resolutions: Setting goals and striving for self-improvement in all facets of life. And while we admire and support ambitious parents, we want to remind you that you’re awesome enough already.

In that spirit, we’ve gathered some kinder, more realistic New Year’s resolutions to aspire to come January first. We hope they’ll inspire you to celebrate yourself exactly as you are.

Weekly Walk

If you’re like most new parents, it can be difficult to get outside every day. But once a week? That feels doable. Whether you crave alone time or more connection with your partner, let this weekly walk be exactly what you need… Just make sure you have a warm winter coat!

Binge Watch the Show Everyone Has Been Talking About

Chances are, if you’ve been raising little ones, you’re a little behind on the series the rest of the world has been raving about. It’s time to catch up! Give yourself the space to rest and see what you’ve been missing.

Support Local Restaurants

Try getting takeout from a local restaurant once per week. It’s a double whammy, really: You’re supporting small business, and no one has to do the dishes. (The dishwasher is full of breast pump parts, anyway.)

Plan a Quarterly Day Trip

Traveling with a newborn can be tough—particularly within the past couple of years—but maybe there are some local hot spots you’ve been meaning to see. Plan an easy day trip once every few months, and see the sights in your own backyard.

Perfect a Family Recipe

Maybe your grandma makes the best strawberry rhubarb pie, or your family lasagna recipe has been passed down through generations. If your happy place is the kitchen, give yourself a few hours to master your dish of choice. Then make sure you take the biggest piece for yourself!

Drink Water

… Or juice, or herbal tea! Lactating parents need extra hydration—experts recommend 13 cups of fluid each day—so set yourself an alarm if you can’t remember to drink up.

Finish an Audiobook Every Two Weeks

Or as often as feels kind to you. You might not have two free hands to read a traditional book cover to cover, but if you enjoy listening to a thrilling mystery or a juicy romance novel while you nurse, have at it!

Commit to ‘Body Breaks’ Throughout the Day

Whether that’s a hot shower, a virtual postnatal yoga class, or a massage from your partner, give yourself some daily loving.

Give Yourself Some Credit

Using the Notes app on your phone or a good old pen and paper, make a list every day or once a week—whatever you have time for—of all the things you deserve credit for. They can be as small or as big as you’d like, and “I bathed today!” totally counts. So does “I advocated for myself at the doctor,” “I nourished my baby,” and, “I asked for help.”

At TLN, our ongoing resolution is to get more parents the care they deserve. If you need an expert lactation consultant on your team, request an IBCLC consultation today. Parenthood is a continuous challenge, and we’re here to help.

*Illustrations by Jesse Zhang