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Author: TLN

Hey, Superwoman. You are doing an amazing job.

Moms do it all, and we’re celebrating the small things that sometimes go unnoticed

They say you can’t really “do it all.” We think mothers might be the exception to that rule—even if they don’t realize it. You (yes, you!) are a master at juggling, balancing and keeping all those balls in the air, and you deserve some praise. Let’s celebrate all moms by highlighting 34 of the countless everyday things you do that go unnoticed…but not today moms, not today!

All in a day’s work: A list of 34 everyday motherhood tasks

  1. Pack the diaper bag so you magically have exactly what you need in any situation.
  2. Make five million snacks in the course of a single day.
  3. Carry two kids up the stairs without breaking a sweat.
  4. Take your baby’s temperature—rectally, of course!
  5. Wipe boogers, drool, spit-up—the full range of bodily fluids.
  6. Deal with a toddler tantrum in Target.
  7. Buckle the car seat properly, and then unbuckle with one hand while keeping the stroller next to the car with your foot.
  8. Reheat your coffee four times before drinking it.
  9. Get dinner ready (calling for takeout or delivery counts)
  10. Sing “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider” with all the hand motions 50 times in a row with a genuine smile.
  11. Negotiate “one more” bedtime story.
  12. Grab your kid before they dash into the street.
  13. Execute the perfect “shush and bounce” move until your baby finally falls asleep.
  14. Hold your pee for just a little longer.
  15. Decipher what your toddler is trying to say.
  16. Know all your kids’ weights, Tylenol doses, next vaccine due dates, and health history.
  17. Make up a magical story featuring your child as the main character.
  18. Order all the things on Amazon (woo, stocked up on diapers!).
  19. Sign your kiddo up for the next session of gymnastics—no waitlist for you this time!
  20. Organize a playdate with the cute new family down the street.
  21. Buy a gift for that one-year-old birthday party on Saturday.
  22. Change the Brita filter, the living room lamp’s light bulb and the TV remote batteries.
  23. Use baby wipes to clean…everything.
  24. Read that book on how to potty-train in a weekend.
  25. Attempt a craft project with your toddler.
  26. Squeeze the water out of the bath toys.
  27. Scare off those monsters under the bed.
  28. Keep track of everyone’s stuff—including your partner’s—and instantly find anything that’s lost.
  29. Bring your baby to the Pediatrician for the second time this week.
  30. Clean up a blowout diaper without getting poop on the changing mat.
  31. Stare at the video monitor to make sure she’s breathing.
  32. Manage a nap schedule, your career, the nanny schedule, and your home.
  33. Know exactly what your kid needs when they are crying.
  34. Hold your baby, no matter how old they are.

All those seemingly small actions add up. The little things you do have an incredible impact on your family’s day-to-day life, and even on those days when it feels like nothing gets done and nothing goes as planned, you truly do so much. Take note of the small victories and the subtle accomplishments, and know that the people around you are eternally grateful for all you do. Superwoman—you are amazing!