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Gift ideas for your holiday list 

Holiday shopping made easy — we’ve got gift ideas for all the VIPs in your life

Make that list and check it twice! As a busy parent, holiday shopping is another task on your already long to-do list — which may be even longer now since birth. You want to choose gifts that are meaningful or functional (or both!). You want ones that feel perfect for all the special people in your baby’s life: your partner, support network, grandparents, caregivers, older siblings — and of course, your little one too. But who has time to navigate the crowded stores or scroll through endless websites? And what do you even get for them that they would enjoy?  

We’ve done some of the work for you, choosing thoughtful, luxe-feeling gifts across a variety of budgets. With shopping out of the way, you can enjoy more quality holiday time with the people you love this season. Check out our gift ideas! 


You’re an expert now in multitasking and making do, and you probably have a soft spot in your heart for the other parents you know. Whether it’s your best friend, your partner, or that other cool parent you met at the park, give them a gift that makes life a little simpler, smoother, or more stylish.

Wireless headphones 

Have you ever tried to hold a phone to your ear while pushing a stroller? It’s a recipe for pure chaos. A set of handy wireless headphones can answer phone calls with just one press, or allow your loved one to listen to something other than Gracie’s Corner. Our favorite is the Beats Fit Pro, which connects seamlessly to both Apple and Android products. While the noise cancellation is a cool (and sanity-saving) feature, the best part is the wingtips. The unique shape guarantees a secure fit, so there’s no worry about the earbuds falling out while chasing little ones. 

Weekender bag

Parents always have a million items to keep up with, which means every bag in the vicinity is getting a workout. A classic duffle can grow with you, serving as a gym bag, diaper bag, weekender for a coveted parents’ getaway — or even tote your things to the hospital if you’ve got a baby on the way.  The Herschel Novel Duffle has tons of pockets, including a signature shoe storage compartment, so it’s easy to stay organized. The Tech version offers space for a laptop, as well as a trolley strap to make navigating the airport easier. Since the waterproof fabric comes in over a dozen color options, this bag is a lowkey combo of function and fashion. 

Insulated tumbler

Hot coffee or icy-cold beverages are a luxury for any parent, and Yeti is known for its ability to keep contents at the perfect temp. The stainless-steel Rambler Tumbler is drop and toddler-resistant, and parents will love that they can toss this cup into the dishwasher without worry. This cup comes in a variety of colors, so gift them their favorite for all-day, on-the-go usage. Or, if the parent in your life has an adventurous streak, check out the Roadie cooler. It’s the perfect size for a day at the beach, camping, or being the “one who brings the orange slices to after-school sports.” 

A coffee grinder

Many parents depend on one constant in their lives — a morning cup of coffee. Add a sophisticated touch to their morning routines with a fancy coffee grinder. The Bodum Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder holds the beans directly in the hopper, so you can get your day started with the press of a button. It delivers a perfect grind for everything from pour-overs to espressos. 


Grandparents are known for spoiling their families, so now it’s your turn to treat them! Thank them for everything they do with a thoughtful gift.

WiFi digital photo frame

Grandparents can’t get enough photos of the kids, right? With a WiFi smart frame, you can share new pictures from afar, and they can view a rotating display. We like the Pix-Star WiFi Digital Picture Frame. This device has its own email address, so you can send special memories directly to the screen. And no need to hold back, since free cloud storage is included.

Long-distance lamps

Whether the grandparents are across town or across the country, these Long Distance Friendship Lamps provide a touching way to stay connected. When you or your little one turns on one lamp, its in-sync mate lights up at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. And in case you have multiple folks you’re missing, customizable hues let you assign special colors to anyone you might be thinking of.  

Custom portrait of their home 

A custom illustration is a beautiful way to commemorate your loved one’s home and the special times shared there. These handcrafted illustrations from Etsy are printed on wood and come in a variety of sizes. In addition to being a beautiful tribute to a meaningful space, the portraits can be further customized with dates, names, and even coordinates. 

Handy key (or everyday stuff) finder

It’s easy enough to misplace something important — but no one’s better at hiding your keys from you than your grandchild. Save the grandparents some time and that panicked “where are my keys?” feeling. Tile Mates are a great solution to this. This awesome, miniature gift will help them keep tabs on their most-used items, saving time and reducing stress. 


A heartfelt note or gift card is always appreciated, but if you want to go above and beyond, give one of these to your babysitter, nanny, or daycare provider. (Just make sure they’re allowed to accept gifts before you go shopping!)

Stylish, cozy scarf

A warm winter accessory is a classic caregiver gift. However, this Wander Agio Lattice Scarf has a devoted following (there are over 24,000 reviews on Amazon with an average 4.6 rating). And if it’s not enough to own one of the top-ranked scarves on Amazon, you can take it up a notch with more than 20 styles. 

Comfy blanket

After a long day of caring for little ones, curling up on the couch with an unbelievably soft throw is the ultimate in relaxation. The Footsac blanket is delightfully cozy, and earns its name by having a little pocket for your feet to warm up in. Bonus points? One reviewer said “It actually has room for two smaller people! My daughter and I share it all the time! I couldn’t have asked for a better blanket!” 

A smart water bottle

An insulated bottle is so handy for keeping drinks cool (and preventing spills) all day long. But the Hidrate Spark takes it a step further by reminding you when to drink. The connected app tracks your total water intake and allows you to set customized goals. It also lets you choose a fun color for your glowing reminders — pick one that will be easy to spot in the diaper bag! 


Bigger kids may still get a kick out of playing with baby’s toys, but there’s nothing like having one of your own. Here are a few holiday gifts that kids will be especially excited about.

A couch made of foam play pieces

Every kid needs a cozy spot to play, read, and build a totally amazing fort. The Nugget Play Couch lets them climb, jump, and relax — this four-piece set of cushions can be the building blocks for endless hours of playtime. And if playtime involves paint, dirt, or sticky fingers, don’t worry – the couch’s fabric covers are machine washable. 

Museum or play place membership

We’re all about experience-based gifts! A year-long membership to a local museum or indoor play space is the gift that keeps on giving (and helps get some of that boundless energy out). Many locations offer a variety of packages, so you can gift to just one child or upgrade to bring the entire family. 

Arts and crafts kit

Stock up on crayons, markers, and paper, and let the kids go wild. The Crayola Jumbo Art Creativity Kit is the perfect way to get your craft stash started. The kit includes chalk, crayons, colored pencils, and markers — plus both paper and coloring pages. It even includes a storage bin for easy organization and clean-up (every parent’s dream).

Interactive drawing board

Remember the Etch A Sketch? It was fun, portable, and delightfully blue-light free. Good news for all our analog enthusiasts: there’s a modern version available, and it’s called the Magic Sketch. Kids can’t get enough of scribbling and drawing on this portable board, then erasing it all with the touch of a button. It’s an eco-friendly throwback for the tech era.

Versatile table and chairs

Give your kids a space of their own for crafting, building, sensory play, and even snacking. We adore this sturdy five-piece set, which includes a small table and four stackable chairs. This Lifetime Children’s Table Combo is easy to wipe down, and the table folds to a slim square. You can pack it away – or pack it up for your next picnic. 

Little ones

Baby’s first holiday season is an exciting time that’s sure to become a cherished memory. And although your child probably won’t remember it, they’ll certainly enjoy spending that time with you. Here are a few gift ideas that are sure to become long-time favorites. 

A fun water table

Yes, this will get a little messy, but trust us — it’s going to be worth it. Kids absolutely love to water play no matter their age, so the Step2 Duck Pond Water Table is sure to make all your little ones happy. Your children will have a blast splashing in this cute water table for hours on end and years to come. 

Durable toy vehicles

Things that go are a hit with babies who are just beginning to be on the move themselves. This colorful, interactive, and soft play set of cars and trucks from Melissa & Doug is the perfect way to get their attention. Your baby can push them along, or pull it back to watch it zoom away — a fun challenge as they flex their newfound motor skills. 

Beloved book set

Short, catchy rhymes and rhythms appeal to babies and parents alike — and Sandra Boynton’s board books do just that, combining entertaining words with adorable illustrations. If your little one is a budding scholar, help them snooze under the stars with Baby University’s Guide to Astrophysics. And if one book just won’t cut it, sign them up for a monthly or quarterly Literati subscription. 

Activity subscription box

Have you heard of Kiwi Crate, the children’s STEAM subscription box service? Say hello to the Panda Crate, the company’s latest offering for ages 0 to 24 months. Each crate arrives on your doorstep full of developmentally appropriate activities that encourage exploration and connection. 

We hope that with the help of this list, you’re able to find a great gift for everyone in your little one’s life. At The Lactation Network, we’re here to make parenting easier, especially during one of the busiest, most exciting times of the year.