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6 Embarrassing Breastfeeding Stories

Six of our favorite bloggers share their stories

While we think breastfeeding is something to brag about, feeding your baby in public is bound to create some hilarious yet cringe-worthy stories. From awkward texts to coworkers to leaky boobs at backyard BBQs, we asked some of our favorite mom bloggers to share their most embarrassing breastfeeding stories. Moms, get ready to laugh so hard you cry.

A Mailman Mishap

Mommy brain is very real. When Trina of The Lactating Mama opened the door to meet the mailman and sign for a package while nursing her baby, let’s just say something slipped her mind.

Trina says: “I answered the door and greeted the mailman with my boob completely out and a smile. It was funny because although it was obvious that he noticed, I didn’t realize it until I walked past the bathroom mirror minutes later. I was so embarrassed! I refuse to answer the door for that mailman to this day.”


We’ve been warned about the dangers of texting and driving, but what about texting while nursing? Leyla of Second City Mom had an awkward wrong number run-in with a co-worker that will make you LOL.

Leyla recalls: “I once thought I texted a mom friend telling her I was breastfeeding not realizing I sent the text to a coworker who responded, “Thanks for the information?” Don’t text and breastfeed, especially when you have mom brain! Autocorrect does not work in your favor.”

The Boy Who Cried Boobie

Next time you go car shopping, Abby of The Badass Breastfeeder would not recommend bringing your hungry toddler along!

Abby says: “I was once breastfeeding in the car dealership while shopping for a new car. My toddler wanted to nurse while I was trying to look at cars and talk to my husband. So he began shouting, “BBBBOOOOOOBBBBIIIIIEEEEE” VERY loudly in the mostly male car showroom. I got my boob out real quick to put a sock (or boob) in it!”

An Unusual Order

While Ashley Wright of Ms. Wright’s Way was out at a fancy restaurant, a child requested something that wasn’t on the menu.

Ashley remembers: “While out at a high-end restaurant, my friend and I were eating. Shannon [my daughter] asked for boobie, and I proceeded to whip my boob out and feed her. My friend’s daughter wanted to nurse on her mom, but her mother told her no. When the waiter came to our table to ask if we needed anything, her daughter asks very loudly and confidently, “Well MOM! Can I have some of Ashley’s boob?” And points to me. The waiter was so uncomfortable. My friend almost choked on her food. Everyone begins to look at me with my boob already out feeding a 3-year-old, and I just started laughing hysterically. Then everyone joined in.”

Spilled Milk

Whoever said “don’t cry over spilled milk” certainly wasn’t a mom. Lindsay of Little Milk Bar had a bad case of the leaky boob while at a friend’s BBQ.

Lindsay says: “The most embarrassing thing that happened to me while breastfeeding was when I went to a friend’s BBQ a month or two after having my little babe. My milk flow was really starting to come in and for a while there I had an oversupply. I had left my nursing pads at home, and it was time for my little Koda to eat, so I sat down next to my husband’s friend and started feeding Koda. Well, here it came, I could feel it. I was having letdown. My other boob started to leak through my shirt in the middle of my conversation with my husband’s friend. Normally no big deal but, like I said, my supply was overflowing. I didn’t just leak through my shirt. I was dripping down my shirt with a huge pile of breastmilk puddled in my lap. It’s safe to say this friend was just as embarrassed as I was!”


While we want all moms to breastfeed loud and proud, not everyone agrees. Nina of the Baby Chick’s story showed us that even those who are closest to us sometimes need a reminder of what breastfeeding moms need.

Nina says: “While nursing my son in public, my mother would grab my nursing cover or a blanket to cover me and my son. It’s a bit embarrassing to have your mother embarrassed of your breastfeeding. I would always brush the blanket off and tell her that more people need to see breastfeeding for it to be normalized.”