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Your Role in the Warm Chain

Amidst worldwide crises, breastfeeding parents need our collective support more than ever—and every single member of our global community has a rol...

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What mastitis is, and how to treat it

If you’ve never had the condition, it’s likely that you’ve never heard the term “mastitis” before — but once you’ve experienced it, it’s pretty unf...

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Lactation and Air Travel

Answers to the most frequently-asked questions about bringing breast milk (and baby) on board We’re approaching holiday travel season, so if you’ve...

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What is an IBCLC? 

You’ll see us use the acronym IBCLC a lot — but what does it mean? IBCLC stands for International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. The highest...

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Sarah Kellogg

A Letter From Our CEO

On behalf of our team, our lactation consultant partners, and tens of thousands of families across the country, it is my pleasure to (re)introduce ...