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Author: Sarah Kellogg

A Letter From Our CEO

On behalf of our team, our lactation consultant partners, and tens of thousands of families across the country, it is my pleasure to (re)introduce you to The Lactation Network. 

By uniting our breast pumps and products with expert lactation consultations under one TLN banner, we’re making it easier for families to get the insurance-covered care they deserve. 

We’re also taking this opportunity to clarify our purpose as an organization: We believe that lactation care is a right, not a privilege. And we’re putting everything we have—our time, our voices, our resources—behind this simple idea.

We know that just because breastfeeding is natural doesn’t mean it’s easy. We know the 3am tears. The bleary-eyed Googling. The solitary pumping sessions. The core-shaking, heart-breaking self-doubt, when it feels like you can’t give your baby what she needs.

We also know the journey of our lactation consultants. The road warriors. The reassuring hands resting on shaky shoulders. The late-night calls and early-morning texts. The clinicians often giving away their expertise for free to parents aching to feed their babies. 

At TLN, we’re building a place where caregivers can thrive. Where more families feel the joy of meeting their feeding goals. Where more lactation consultants can deliver expert care while growing their practices. And where no one walks alone.

We know that most things worth doing are not easy. And when it comes to helping every family get the care they deserve, there is so much to do. But I know we’re up for the challenge, and I cannot imagine a better reason to get out of bed each morning. 

To my small yet mighty team: You are TLN. Nothing we have done or will ever do would be possible without you. #ilovemondays

And to all our caregivers out there: I couldn’t be prouder to walk on this journey alongside you. And to advocate for you. It’s an honor of a lifetime.

Always looking forward,