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Best Quiet Breast Pumps for Pumping on a Zoom Call

Use these nearly silent breast pumps to make pumping while working from home a breeze

Whether you’re an exclusively pumping mom or pumping during the day, nothing’s more important than making sure your little one gets fed when they’re hungry. This is difficult enough without the global pandemic. Now, working moms around the world are rising to the heroic challenge of balancing a new baby with working from home alongside the chaos of family life. For moms who are breastfeeding while working from home and also adapting to new technology at the same time, here’s how you can make it work for you, plus check out our favorite quiet breast pumps for making the most of the time you spend on Zoom calls.

Everyone knows that moms are the queens of multitasking. Take Designated Survivor’s Italia Ricci for example, who “legendairy-ly” documented her experience pumping while working from home—and taking Zoom calls—on Instagram. Since it’s important to make sure you’re also taking care of your mental health on top of everything else, when you don’t have to be in-person at the office and set aside time for every pumping break, video conferences are a great time to pump. That way, you can make time during your breaks for relaxing. Not every Zoom meeting is going to be of epic importance, and even when they are, your role may sometimes be the quiet observer. Whether you’re an active participant or not, here’s how to pump on a Zoom call in three easy steps: 

  1. Use technology to your advantage. If you’re not an active participant on the video call, simply mute yourself and turn your camera off. You’ll still be present and listening to the meeting, but this way you can grab your pump and have a session in peace. If you do need to be seen and heard on video, angle your camera so that only your neck and face are visible on screen and make sure there are no mirrored objects showing behind you. 
  2. Use a quiet breast pump. Especially if you do need to be on screen for most of your calls or remain unmuted, a discreet breast pump will minimize the chance of being overheard. Check out our list below for the best breast pumps for working moms to use on Zoom calls. 
  3. Advocate for yourself. Don’t be afraid to speak up if anyone takes issue with your pumping on a Zoom call. Remind them that being a mom and working means balancing two worlds that aren’t always congruent. 

Our Top 3 Quiet Breast Pumps for Working Moms

Let’s make pumping while working from home work for you. You can take our quiz to narrow down which options might be best for your lifestyle, or check out this list of our favorite breast pumps you can wear while working.

#1: Spectra S2 PLUS Hospital-Strength Double Electric Pump 

Moms say that this pump is quiet enough to use at night—but still gets the job done right. With a near-noiseless motor and a massage mode that simulates natural suckling, the Spectra S2 makes for a quiet, efficient and worry-free pumping experience so that you can focus on work.

#2: Elvie Pump 

Completely hands-free, whisper-quiet, wireless and wearable under a nursing bra, the Elvie Pump is ideal to use while video conferencing with coworkers, friends or family. You can also track output and adjust suction settings for more efficient pumping by syncing to the Elvie app. Plus, busy moms will love saving time from hand-washing, as all five parts of the Elvie Pump can be washed in the dishwasher.

#3: Medela Sonata

Medela’s quietest breast pump yet, the Medela Sonata® helps working moms keep track of everything from breastfeeding goals to feeding sessions per day to baby milestones through the MyMedela app. This pump also features a convenient closed system for easier cleaning and a rechargeable battery, making it easy and discreet to use while on those all-important conference calls. 

If you need additional help with breastfeeding and pumping, reach out to our team for support. We can set you up with an insurance-covered breast pump and connect you with a lactation consultant for the pregnancy, breastfeeding and nursing support you deserve.