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6 Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Weekends

The working mom’s guide to maximizing the weekends

The weekends seem to fly by even faster when you spend your 8-5 in an office. One minute it’s Friday evening, then you blink and it’s Monday morning all over again. For all the working moms who try to pack so much into two short days, we’ve got some helpful tips and ideas to help you divide, conquer and make the most of those two, short days.

Six tips for getting the most out of your weekends

1. Determine what a great weekend looks like for YOU

Is it a mix of productivity and relaxation? Do you like to have a structured plan, plenty of open “white space,” or a combination of the two? There’s no right answer here, so think about what your ideal weekend would involve. It’s different for every family, and that’s a-okay!

2. Outsource and delegate

Sometimes it feels like the weekends are full of chores and to-dos: Laundry, grocery shopping, errands, cleaning. Get those things done during the week to open up more time for fun on the weekend. This might require enlisting some help from either your partner or a service like a cleaning crew or grocery delivery. Trust us, it is so worth it.

3. Spend some quality time as a family

It doesn’t have to be fancy in order to feel special—just a change of pace or scenery is all you need. Check out a local event or festival, a kid-friendly restaurant, play place or museum. Or simply pack a picnic and eat lunch at the park. Most importantly: Do something your family enjoys doing together.

4. Schedule “me time” and/or couple time

In the busy day-to-day, we moms often forget to take time for ourselves and for reconnecting with our significant others. What do you need to feel refreshed? Maybe you can escape during naptime for a pedicure or yoga class. And how can you reconnect with your partner after a long, crazy-busy week? Hire a babysitter for a night out, make plans for sushi, wine and a movie at home, or do whatever the two of your hearts desire!

5. Discuss the sleep situation

The whole weekend will be more pleasant if you make sleep a priority for both you and your partner—and talk about it upfront. Can you divide and conquer on the sleep front? Can you alternate who sleeps in which day, or switch-off taking naps? Who will handle middle-of- the-night wake-ups? A little pre-weekend conversation will go a long way to getting more rest with less resentment.

6. Say no

A jam-packed weekend might sound like fun, but in the midst of running from one thing to the next, it can be kind of stressful. To truly enjoy those days away from work and start the week feeling refreshed rather than worn out, you have to prioritize. Think about what you’re NOT going to do. It could be a long list of chores, an obligatory get-together, or anything you feel like you “should” do (ahem, Pinterest-perfect, Instagram-worthy activities). Lose the guilt and make time for what matters to YOU.

You know that saying “The days are long but the years are short”? When it comes to life with kids, it’s so very true. So let’s live those weekend days to the fullest—whether that means doing lots of fun stuff or nothing at all.