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Joining The Lactation Network as an IBCLC? Here’s what to know.

What are the benefits of joining The Lactation Network (TLN)? Why should I join?

  • TLN works with health plans and employer sponsors to provide coverage for lactation consultations so more families can access essential lactation care. As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), you’ll retain independent control over your business. Partnering with TLN gives you access to predictable income, business tools, education, and resources that allow you to spend your time where it matters most: with your patients.  
  • Supplementary benefits include access to our entire IBCLC library of tools and resources to help you grow your practice. We provide marketing materials, social media toolkits, educational webinars, free access to The Melanated Mammary Atlas, and dedicated business coaching — among other resources. 
  • TLN’s services related to insurance coverage and billing include: 
    • All revenue cycle management functions, including eligibility checks, claim submission, and appealing denials.  
    • All technology and platforms needed to manage insurance coverage. 
    • Custom-built portal, the “myTLN portal,” developed by and for IBCLCs and their specific needs, including patient information, a consultation charting tool, telehealth capabilities, secure patient messaging, and visit documentation submission.  
    • Patient Customer Care team that families can contact directly for questions and assistance related to patient intake, insurance coverage, lactation benefits, and billing and insurance-related questions (e.g., “what is an EOB, and why did I receive one from my health plan?”). All clinical questions from patients are directed back to their IBCLC. 
  • TLN provides many additional services and resources for private practice IBCLCs at no cost, including:  
    • Educational webinars   
    • Complimentary access to clinical resources  
    • Business coaching   
    • Sample charts, forms, and reports 
    • Annual summit (travel costs not covered, but lodging and meals covered) 
    • Free access to The Melanated Mammary Atlas 
    • Community of fellow private practice IBCLCs

More information about The Lactation Network’s benefits and resources

  • By joining TLN, you are engaging in a business partnership between your private practice and our organization. As an independent contractor, not an employee, you are entering into a mutually beneficial partnership with TLN, where you provide excellent care, and TLN provides insurance billing services at no cost to you.

  • TLN is partnered with several insurance providers and is always working to add health plans and employee sponsors to increase access to lactation care for more families. Sign up for an informational session to access the current list of insurance plans we cover.

  • Working with TLN is free! There’s no fee to join nor are there any recurring fees once you’re partnered with our network.

  • Yes! If you employ or contract IBCLCs, you can utilize TLN for approved, insurance-covered lactation consultations provided by your IBCLCs.

  • You have complete autonomy over your practice when you partner with TLN. It is important to note that TLN does have policies and requirements, but only those that are dictated by IBLCE and/or our health plan partners (e.g., charting best practices, CAQH profiles, etc.) that IBCLCs need to adhere to be able to provide insurance-covered lactation consultations.

  • No. You have complete autonomy and control of your patient calendar and scheduling. TLN does not have any minimum requirements for the number of monthly consultations to remain active in the network. Lactation Consultants (LCs) can conduct their business as they see fit, taking as many or as few patients as they want. LC schedules are not dictated by TLN (e.g., LCs are not required to be available on any certain days of the week).

  • No. You are welcome to use your current charting platform. All documentation submitted, whether through our charting platform or via another platform, must contain all the elements of a SOAP (or SBAR) note. TLN does provide a HIPAA-compliant charting platform custom-built for IBCLCs, as well as a custom chat feature and telehealth platform at no cost to you.

  • Patients submit their insurance information to TLN for an eligibility check.

  • TLN IBCLCs receive payment weekly via direct deposit. Payments are based on the number of consultations submitted during the pay period, and rates vary based on the type of consultation.

  • TLN works with many group practices. IBCLCs who you contract or employ can provide lactation consultations under your practice with TLN. You’ll just need to provide some paperwork to get your subcontracted IBCLC(s) added to your practice.

  • If the patient has been approved by TLN, you’ll be reimbursed the following week for visits submitted — regardless of insurance processing times.

  • Yes! We are constantly working to expand coverage by contracting with health plans and employers so more families can receive insurance-covered care.

  • No. As an independent contractor with TLN, your business structure is up to you.

  • No. TLN aims to support you in whatever capacity suits your practice, whether that’s 2-3 lactation consultations per month or 2-3+ lactation consultations daily.

  • No, TLN does not collect your schedule or availability for consultations. You maintain complete autonomy regarding patient communication and scheduling.

Join TLN — it’s free and built for IBCLCs.

We handle billing, end-to-end. We connect you with insurance-covered patients. We help you grow your practice, your way. 

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