Author: TLN

2023 Breastfeeding Sentiment Snapshot | A report by The Lactation Network

Our families, workplaces, and communities thrive when our parents do. For as long as parents have been lactating, this has been true.

But our social, professional, and personal systems are malnourished, and they have been for some time.

Our work at The Lactation Network is to amplify the voices of lactating parents that feel that deficit, and this year, we surveyed over 2500 parents in the United States to inquire about their experiences as they tried to breastfeed their babies. We knew that what we heard needed to be deeply listened to by everyone who cares about the maternal and infant health of our communities from coast to coast. The result is our 2023 Breastfeeding Sentiment Snapshot, where we’re telling the stories of resilient, courageous parents from diverse backgrounds.

What’s the most important takeaway you’ll find in this report? Nearly 70,000 babies are born in the United States every week. That’s over 10,600 babies per day, 450 babies per hour, and eight babies per second. Despite the fact that new humans are welcomed into the world at that clip, we’re still dealing with social, professional, and cultural barriers to parents getting the care they need to feed their families. The U.S. healthcare access issue is more pervasive, more vulnerable, and more visceral than many are aware of. This report is a peek behind a door our social systems continually force shut.

Who should know about this report? Everyone. More specifically, anyone who believes our future should be filled with families who, from their very formation, have access to the care they need. Whether you’re a parent, employer, policymaker or individual who is interested in lactation care, breastfeeding support, and healthier communities, your knowledge of this issue matters. Healthier families mean healthier futures for all of us.

Download and share the report below to:

  • Equip yourself, your community, and your employer. This report is filled with statistical evidence about breastfeeding and its crucial impact on families. Without acknowledging the real experiences of parents across the United States, we can’t support them and their families both at home and at work.
  • Spread the word on social media. In just a few days, The Lactation Network will be launching an advocacy hub outlining the steps families, allies, and employers can take to support lactating parents. Your voice is vital to contribute to the conversation.
  • Share access to The Lactation Network. Parents and community members don’t just need affirmation, they need mental, emotional, and physical support as they navigate their prenatal to weaning journeys. Learn more and get connected with an insurance-covered lactation consultant here.