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Connect with TLN to get working parents the breastfeeding support they deserve

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Learn why at the 2023 IBI/Conference Board Health and Productivity Forum.

Eight babies are born in the United States every second.
Their parents are your employees — at every level of your org chart.

When babies are on the way, many employers and parents assume that employer benefits will cover breastfeeding support needs pre- and post-birth. But most lactation care coverage doesn’t meet the legal requirements of the Affordable Care Act.  

Insufficient care is costly to families and workplaces:

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Nearly 83% of parents said they found breastfeeding challenging.

Your employees are likely dealing with unforeseen obstacles like mastitis, low milk supply, latching issues, or postpartum depression or anxiety. Breastfeeding isn’t automatic. It’s a skill that must be learned. 

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Over 70% of parents agree that employers could do more to support them on their breastfeeding journey.

Only 59% of parents return to work after maternity leave, and the average turnover cost of losing a new parent as an employee is at least 50% of their annual salary.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Nearly 95% of employed mothers who had a lactation consultation through The Lactation Network returned to work following their maternity leave. 

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A seamless care solution is just a call away

The Lactation Network supports both employers and families by connecting your employees with expert, in-home clinical lactation care from the largest national network of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) in the U.S. We also handle insurance, billing, tech, and breastfeeding resources directly, so employers don’t have to move an administrative muscle.

We’re the ally your company deserves – and the network your employees need.


Book time to connect with us at the IBI/Conference Board Health and Productivity Forum on Sept 11-13.
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