Insurance-covered lactation care is legally mandated by the Affordable Care Act—period. Yet parents are struggling to feed their babies and are regularly denied this critical care. Your voice is the catalyst families need to get the care they deserve.

But even though families are legally entitled to insurance-covered breastfeeding support, many do not get the care they need. Despite claiming to provide lactation care, many health plans provide minimal coverage, such as brief, in-hospital post-delivery visits, but not postpartum, outpatient care—when the majority of breastfeeding issues arise and families are most in need of support.

This turns lactation care into a luxury for those who can afford it rather than what it is—life-changing (and life-saving) healthcare.


When parents don’t get the care they need, their deprivation impacts their physical and mental health as well as their family, friends, colleagues, and communities. We need everyone’s help to advocate for accessible, equitable lactation care for all.

YOU CAN HELP close The coverage gap

For parents, family members, and anyone who wants to support breastfeeding families—whether you’re new to lactation care or already an advocate. Together, we can spark change.

If you count yourself among the business leaders, HR personnel, and benefits managers supporting parents in the workplace, there’s urgent work to be done.