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Top Breastfeeding Accessories

Planning to breastfeed? Here is what you need

Bringing a baby into the world means being suddenly inundated with products for baby. With all of the options of brands and features, it’s almost impossible to know what you really need or want. The good news is if you are planning to breastfeed your little one, the list of options becomes much easier to narrow down. Here are the top accessories you’ll need to navigate life as a new mom.

Nursing pillow

Your baby’s weight might be in the single digits at first, but he or she will feel 100 pounds heavier after hours of nursing. Save your back and your arms by using a nursing pillow to position your baby comfortably. The Boppy and My Brest Friend are two popular pillows that mamas—and babies—love.

Nursing bras and tanks

Support your hardworking ladies with a soft, stretchy nursing bra or tank. You’ll want to have a few on hand in the inevitable case of spit up, drool, sweat or other bodily fluids (glamorous, right?). With flexible cups that unclip from each strap, these bras and tanks give you easy access for breastfeeding and room for fluctuation as your breasts change in size.

Nursing pads

We’ve all heard the horror stories about those tell-tale leaks on the front of a nursing mom’s shirt. Leakage happens, especially in the beginning, so be prepared with nursing pads you can slip into your bra. Depending on your preference, choose from disposable or washable versions, as well as a number of shapes and materials.

Nursing cover

If you feel more comfortable with some extra discretion, pick out a pretty nursing cover. There are lots of styles, prints and patterns available (some are even multi-functional as a car seat cover or blanket), so you’re sure to find something that works for you. Another idea: if you have a stack of scarves in your closet, drape one over your baby while nursing and then rock it as a fashion statement afterward.

Pumping bra

If you plan to pump, there’s nothing better than hands-free pumping. A pumping bra will securely hold the pump flanges to your breasts, allowing you to use your hands to work on your laptop, scroll through your social media feed, tend to your baby, fold some laundry or nosh on a snack.

A large water bottle and snacks

To keep up your supply and your energy, you’ll need to stay hydrated and healthy. Grab an oversized water bottle—if they let you take it home, that big jug you get at the hospital during delivery is awesome—so you’ll always have a cool drink nearby. And if you’re like us, nursing is going to make you hangry. Stock up on snacks that will fuel you for around-the-clock feeding sessions, like nuts, granola bars, dried fruit, cheese sticks, yogurt and maybe some chocolate too. Bonus points if they’re easy to eat with one hand!

A breast pump that fits your lifestyle

Possibly the most important element of the breastfeeding journey is a breast pump. The Affordable Care Act requires that insurance companies provide a free breast pump to expecting mothers. Our team at The Lactation Network is on standby to navigate the waters on your behalf from start to finish.