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Author: TLN

Holiday Gifts for New Parents

Most gift guides for new parents are all about the baby. And while it’s nice to receive presents for your little one—parents are not going to fit into that onesie, and they likely need more stimulation than even the fanciest rattle can deliver.

Our team at The Lactation Network assembled this list of small indulgences and unexpected lifesavers just in time for holiday sales. Reference it when shopping for the new parents in your life, or use it to treat yourself!

Housekeeping Service
Any dollar amount

New parents know—or will soon find out—that general domestic upkeep goes out the window as soon as the baby arrives. A gift card for a top-rated cleaning service like Tidy can restore some much-needed sanity at home.

Audible 1 Month Subscription

Most new parents don’t have the free time—much less two free hands—to cozy up with an actual book. Enter: Audio books. A thrilling mystery novel or a juicy romance can make late-night nursing sessions something to look forward to.

Blublox REMedy Sleep Mask


It’s hard to squeeze in necessary shut-eye in full daylight, but this uniquely designed, 100% light-blocking sleep mask has helped countless parents do just that. Plus, the REMedy sleep mask is comfy and doesn’t put any pressure on your eyes!

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


When you can only get two hours of sleep at a time, you might as well make it a little luxurious! Silk pillowcases like this one from Fishers Finery—voted best silk pillowcase on the market by Good Housekeeping—reduce skin irritation, hair frizz, and wrinkles….Good news for parents who no longer have time for their beauty routines. They’re also easier to wash than you may think!

Wooden Breakfast Tray

Lactating parents, especially, may find themselves spending a lot of time in bed. With a bamboo bed tray like this one from IKEA, parents can eat, nurse, and watch TV all at the same time.

Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash


When new parents aren’t changing dirty diapers and cleaning up milk spills—they’re washing their hands. Let’s be honest, new babies aren’t all that sanitary: A luxury hand wash like this woody, herbaceous, citrusy one from Aesop can help parents feel refreshed and a little fancy.

Massage Gun
New parents, particularly lactating parents, can develop all sorts of aches and pains from favoring one side when they hold the baby, contorting into strange shapes to nap wherever they can… You get it. This top-rated massage gun can help relieve pain, relax muscles, and promote circulation. 

Mindfulness App Subscription

$59.99 – 99.99 annually

A few moments spent in meditation or downward dog can be invaluable to a new parent. The Insight Timer app includes a vast library of guided meditations, and the Find What Feels Good library from Yoga With Adriene offers accessible at-home yoga classes for all levels.

Food Delivery

From $20

Oftentimes, lactating parents are so preoccupied with feeding their baby that they don’t manage to eat real meals themselves. Save them from subsisting on peanut butter, and gift them a meal or grocery delivery service—or both! A gift card for Instacart allows parents to select groceries and prepared meals, delivered to their door.

Enjoy the upcoming holiday season, and parents: Remember to treat yourself! You deserve it.

*Illustrations by Jesse Zhang