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Breastfeeding Support Gift Guide for Each Love Language

Here are a few ways to celebrate the breastfeeding journey—because each day is an incredible milestone 

Psst, mom—share this gift guide with your partner! Breastfeeding has so many benefits for mom and baby. While you’re providing your baby with the best all-natural nutrition, we know it isn’t always a walk in the park. At the Lactation Network, we’re here to support you at every stage of the breastfeeding journey—and that includes the moments when you need a little extra love. Becoming parents is a huge change and though you both have a new little one to shower with love and affection, it’s still so important to nurture your romantic relationship. Gary Chapman’s book, “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate,” has been strengthening relationships since it came out in 1992 by teaching couples about the ways they give and receive love. Here are a few ways to celebrate you, mom, based on each love language, as you rock each and every breastfeeding milestone. Not sure of your love language? Grab a copy of the book or take the quiz together to find out.

Words of Affirmation: Flower Arrangement with a Personalized Love Note

Love Language Gift Guide

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If you’re looking for a simple and heartfelt way to show your gratitude and celebrate the breastfeeding journey, you can’t go wrong with her favorite flowers. For this love language, make sure to add a personalized note letting her know why you love her and appreciate everything she’s doing for your growing family. Pick up a bouquet or some farm fresh flowers to bring home to her or call a local florist to deliver on a day where she is having a tough time.  

Price: $20–60 |

Receiving Gifts: Hassle-Free Jewelry

Love Language Gift Guide

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Give your favorite supermom an excuse to put on some bling. When it comes to accessories, it’s best to opt for jewelry that doesn’t dangle, like these geometric stud earrings from Madewell. That way, you won’t tempt baby to practice their pincer grip during the next cuddling session. Each time she puts on these earrings, it’ll be an everyday reminder of your love and encouragement as she’s nursing or pumping to feed your baby. Another option: a necklace in silver or gold that features her initials or a simple design that symbolizes your relationship.

Price: Earrings $10–18 | Madewell

Necklace $400 | Tiffany&Co.

Acts of Service: Give Her a Day Off 

Love Language Gift Guide

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Moms are superwomen. While they’re providing baby all the nutrients they need to grow, they are also doing a million other things. Surprise her by giving her a day off to rest, relax and focus on herself. Whether this means breakfast in bed or handling the chores, she’ll appreciate this time for herself and the fact that you’re making the effort. Don’t forget, even though she’s breastfeeding and pumping for your baby, you can always help by bringing her water and snacks, cleaning pump parts and assisting in middle-of-the-night feedings. 

Price: Priceless 

Quality Time: Date Night

Love Language Gift Guide

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Let mom pull out her favorite pair of heels and swipe on her favorite red lipstick to hit the town. After all, she deserves it. Plan a night on the town complete with a reservation to your favorite restaurant or a new local hot-spot. Getting out of the house and back to a normal date night routine is a great reminder that while you’re parents now, your bond is still important. If going out doesn’t sound appealing, schedule a night in! Ask a friend, family member or caregiver to watch your little one for a few hours while you cook her a meal or order in takeout. Queue up a new movie or catch up on her favorite show together. 

Price: varies by experience 

Physical Touch: Schedule a Massage 

Love Language Gift Guide

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Show your partner how much you appreciate all that they do for your little one by scheduling a luxe massage for them. The peace and quiet of an hour-long massage will be a welcome break so mom can focus on relaxing. However, if you’d rather be the masseuse, treat her to an at-home massage complete with aromatherapy candles, aromatherapy massage oils and maybe a plush robe to relax in after. Breastfeeding is a huge responsibility. Taking this time to relax is much-needed for a busy mom. 

Price: $49–89, varies by location | Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa

Don’t forget that the Lactation Network is here to help encourage and support you throughout all of your breastfeeding challenges and accomplishments. We’re here to provide you with one-on-one support and expert advice to ensure you and your baby are happy and healthy. Request a consultation today.